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NO. {{pokemon.id?.toString().padStart(4, "0")}}
  1. {{pokemon.name}}
  2. {{pokemon.name}}
  3. {{type.type.name}}
  4. WT: {{pokemon.weight}} KG
  5. HT::{{pokemon.height}} M


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{{poke.hp}}/ {{poke.hp}}
  • Name/ {{ name }}
  • Age/ 25
  • Zodiac/ Capricorn
  • Location/ West Europe
  • Occupation/ Researcher
  • Nature/ Hardy
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Earthbound Beginnings (NSO)
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This is my attempt at reclaiming my own personal space on the internet. But this is easier said than done: The last time I made HTML was during some gifted kids course in primary school.

But I wouldn't be here if I wasn't willing to try. This site is being updated at a slow pace as I gradually learn what I want to show, and how I want to show it.

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